Often described as an avid sports photographer, Nik Fahusnaza is an engineer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He spends most of his weekends doing freelance sports photography at major triathlon events, as well as duathlons, marathons and trail runs.

Inherently passionate about endurance sports himself, Nik is also a triathlete and has completed an Ironman race in Langkawi back in 2014. That gives him the extra advantage of "been there, done that", and his understanding of the nature of the sports is well translated through the many vivid images he has captured, each telling a story and showing great emotions. He continuously strives to lift the standard of triathlon photography, hoping it can inspire more people to take up this fast growing sport.

Initially volunteering to shoot at local triathlon and marathon events, Nik has since collaborated with renowned photography companies and event organizers namely:

- Sunrise Events (Ironman 70.3 Vietnam)

- FinisherPix (Ironman Langkawi, Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya, XTERRA Putrajaya)

- Eventure Global (113 Triathlon Series: Desaru & Bukit Merah)

- Tadonamo Triathlon Group (Winner of the 2015 Asian TriClub invitational at Ironman Langkawi)

Apart from doing sports photography, Nik also loves travelling. Having had a few opportunities to travel the horizons, Nik has put to full advantage his relentless passion for photography. After his first solo trip hunting the lady Aurora Borealis in the Arctic Circle, he fell in love with the picturesque snow covered mountains, lakes and fjords. Still keen on capturing breathtaking landscapes, Nik has set Iceland and New Zealand as his next dream travel destinations.

To see more of his recent photo collections, you can follow his Instagram account. You can also get in touch with him personally via the contact link above.

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